Harp Records, Inc.

Welcome to Harp Records

Are you're a fan of American Idol?
Do you think you have what it takes - to make it?
Maybe you're a mucian (with a band) looking for a label who will sign you.
- If your dream job (and life) is to be a musician or an entertainer -
Then look no further!

Harp Records is a do-it-yourself artist's label. There's no need for Simon, Randy, or Paula. We have business services to get you (or your band) started. Then we have marketing services to get you (or your band) known. We also have legal services to deal with any problems that my come along. Finally, this is all part of our free music program at Akadhmia University.

To Get Started

  1. Go to the undergrad vStudent Center (the undergrad virtual student center) http://undergrad.akadhmia.org
    1. Your Major - Music/Business
  2. Then sign-up to the Harp Records Artist's Yahoo Group. This list will be your guide through the process of setting up as a musician/entertainer. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/american-idol-diy-harp
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